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Bad Investments And Securities Fraud

The sale or purchase of bonds and stocks can gain investors untold fortunate, but it can also leave them destitute. Securities fraud is a serious offense, but you will only be able to recoup your losses after consulting with a securities attorney.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is not always easy to define, however, victims are immediately aware when it occurs. It is illegal for employers to discriminate against job applicants and employees in the United States, so find out if your particular case has any merit.

Fighting Deportation

Deportation is the legal process in which immigrants are returned to their home countries and forbade from returning to the United States. If you believe that you have been unfairly targeted you should immediately consult with an immigration attorney.

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Italian Student Protest New Education Laws

A new set of laws being considered that target Italian colleges and universities have driven both students and educators out of the classroom and onto the picket lines. If the laws are passed, universities that are not performing well will not be awarded government funding, which is a move that protesters believe will force them to shut down. In order to appease students, researchers and educators, the Italian Senate has increased the amount of funding that the government will award to schools, however, this move has not made much of an impact.

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Bad Investments And Securities Fraud

When an investor is advised on the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds or securities, the registered agent is required to make fair and unbiased suggestions. If the investor finds that unscrupulous methods such as insider trading were used so that the broker was in a position to profit from said transactions an attorney that specializes in securities should be retained. It is also important to consult with an attorney prior to purchasing bonds from a company or a governmental agency. Because bonds are only valid for as long as the corporation or governmental agency is in business, the sale of bonds is closely regulated by way of federal and state level laws.

Securities fraud occurs when a company purposefully sells stock shares or bonds that are known to be toxic by those that are facilitating the sale. This can happen when an executive knows that an upcoming a news story or negative financial report will cause the value of a company's stocks to depreciate greatly. Also known as inside trading, entities that would financially gain from the distribution of false information can be prosecuted under the law and sued in civil court. Investors that have been persuaded into purchasing worthless stocks, bonds and securities have a few different courses of action that can be taken.

If you choose to open a case with the Federal Trade Commission there is a possibility that you may be able to recoup your losses without filing suit. Sometimes FTC investigations can take just as long, if not longer to be settled than civil lawsuits. In the event that more than one person has been defrauded, consumers have the option of filing a class action lawsuit.

Often, when a corporation engages in securities fraud it is shortly before the company files for bankruptcy. In these types of situations it can be difficult to get your investment back, however, highly skilled lawyers that practice in this area of law will know exactly what paperwork must be filed in order to prevent the corporation from being absolved of all financial responsibilities. Currently, several different governmental agencies are proposing new laws that will make it more difficult for corporations to get away with securities fraud.

14.10.2010. 01:04

Online Business School Headed By Donald Trump Sued By Former Student

In a lawsuit filed in a California California federal court by a former Trump University student, Tarla Makaeff alleges that she spent more than $80,000 on online classes after lofty promises were made by Trump University employees. Makaeff goes on to say that she was made to believe that she would be personally assigned to real estate mentor and take part in a year long apprenticeship. Allegedly, Makaeff went to a hardware supply store and was instructed on what types of materials to purchase in order to repair foreclosed homes. When her phone calls for support went unanswered she assumed that she had come to the end of her apprenticeship.

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Gizmodo Editor Faces Felony Charges

Apple has long been cracking down on counterfeiters, but now they are after Giamodo editor Jason Chen for having possession of the iPhone 4G before it was officially released. Although Chen claims that he did not steal the missing iPhone 4G prototype, he does openly admit that he offered a $5,000 finders fee for anyone that was willing to send it to him. Authorities in San Mateo, California issued a search warrant that allowed them to search and seize his computer equipment at office at Gizmodo. Under US law, property belonging to journalists are not allowed to be in the same manner as US citizens, however, since Chen openly admits to several federal charges authorities were able to work around the technicalities.

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Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination can occur when a job applicant or an existing employee is denied opportunities based on his or her gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disabilities. Legally, employers are permitted to screen job applicants based on many different factors, however, they must not engage in any form of legally recognized discrimination. Currently, there are few laws in effect that protect against other forms of discrimination against fringe groups such as the obese or members of some political groups but several landmark cases have started to set a precedent.

Usually, employers will review the applications and resumes of prospects, and then decide to conduct interviews based on their credentials. Some applicants have been able to successfully file lawsuits when they found that they were denied job opportunities because they have ethnic names or lived in certain areas. In other cases, employers have been able to access information about their applicants' medical conditions from their pre-employment drug screening results. It is not legal to deny a pregnant woman a job based solely on the fact that she will eventually need to go out on maternity leave, but drug screen tests have been used unethically to deny these persons job opportunities.

Existing employees have also sued there employers after being repeatedly turned down for promotions. Usually, these employers were able to provide their attorneys with written evidence that supported their claims, including email correspondences and notarized affidavits from co-workers. Employers that have shown a pattern of employment discrimination have also been sued by the federal government.

Many employers have developed clear equal opportunity guidelines that help to protect them from being accused of employment discrimination. While some former employees are not able to win their cases against their former employers for discrimination, they are usually able to build a solid case for permanent disability if they have suffered psychologically. Some employers would rather settle out of court rather than to risk receiving negative publicity.

Ultimately, the perceived victims of employment discrimination must find attorneys that are willing to take on their cases in order to proceed. If a lawyer does not believe that a particular employment discrimination has any merit, there is a good chance that a judge or jury would come to the same conclusion.

25.02.2010. 19:05